Strategic Plan and Work Programme

The 2019-20 Programme of Work

The 2019-20 Programme of Work has been prepared specifically for member institutions to present the headline activities UCEA will be pursuing over the year.
It is grouped under six headings: pay matters, employee relations, broad organisational development and workforce matters, legal and policy developments, challenges in the pensions landscape and cross-cutting activities. 

The annual review of UCEA's work in 2019-20 was published in July 2020.

UCEA Plan 2015-2020

Our Plan is for the period 2015 to 2020. As a membership organisation, established to meet the needs of UK HE providers in their roles as employers, we recognise the need to adapt and adjust the support and services we offer to our members as their needs change. Clearly Covid-19 has delayed the development of the Plan for 2021 onward. We hope to have a clearer idea of the sector and the new challenges faced by UCEA and its members post-Covid-19 and develop our Plan for members at the start of 2021.

UCEA Plan 2015-2020

The 2018-19 Programme of Work

UCEA's 2018-19 Programme of Work

The annual review of UCEA's work in 2018-19 was published in July 2019.